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You can switch between 1st person and 3rd person camera views.You can drive your cars on the Chicago streets.You will be able to visit Chicago's Historic and Architectural Places.Everything is more valuable with a realistic gameplay.


Different Stories in the Same City

You will witness some of the intersecting common stories of strangers who do not know each other.


Large and Detailed Map

The game map of 25 km square. The landmarks of Chicago, such as Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Railways, Underpasses, Shopping Malls, Beaches, Museums, Sports Fields, Parks, etc., were realistically prepared.


Expected Game Experience

With the new lighting system specially developed for ENDLESSZ game, you will be able to enjoy high quality graphics with better light transmissions, reflections and shadows. We have applied this lighting system to all buildings, objects and characters.


Developer Diary Screenshots

In this category you can access DevDiary albums.


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